Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pyjama party!

Having been following the amazing Karen of Did you make that? for a while and having been very impressed by both her amazing writing style and her brilliant makes, I decided to start documenting my own in this blog. What better way to get properly stuck in than with a pyjama party!

I've bought a very lovely fabric (Cloud 9 Tsuro 1000 cranes in Indigo, since you ask) from Ray Stitch. I also bought some of their lush organic bamboo jersey to make a matching sleeveless top to go with the pyjama bottoms. 

I got some lovely pink satin ribbon and piping cord which I've managed to frankenstein into some pretty ok piping:

I've cut all my pieces out (I'm going to use wide pink ribbon instead of the belt) and am all set. 

Now I need to work out how to attach piping on French seams...

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