Friday, 5 July 2013

Three's the charm

As I've recently started a full- time contract, I've discovered that I don't really have the wardrobe to be inconspicuous in the banking environment I now find myself. To remedy that I've started creating a whole new work wardrobe. I showed you the croquis I made to play around with designs which is a huge amount of fun.

I thought I'd ease myself into the more sober wardrobe with a Ginger skirt which I've already made two of. One during the dressmaking course I did at Ray Stitch and the second one I cheekily made before finishing the first one in class after finding a lovely bit of fabric in the remnants pile. 

Love how you can see the pattern on the lining and facings just peeking out a bit when the skirt is hanging up. 

I got the fabric for the latest iteration from the friendly fabric stall at Dalston market- no idea of the fibre contents of either of the fabrics but am fairly sure the one I used for lining is a viscose (Karen's amazing post on this material is here) as the seams are already fraying like nobody's business. Will need to invest in a serger soon...

I've always been a bit precious about my patterns and would trace them off rather than cutting into them but recently I've gotten increasingly impatient with that step of the process and so have cut into several of my pattern pieces- do you ever do that? Do you trace? Or do you cut the pattern?

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