Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pyjama party show and tell

They're finished! Just in time! Woohooo! Nothing like a deadline to get me to sew sew sew and Karen did give some pretty amazing incentives. Anyway.. Look look look:

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino 
Size cut: Cut 14 waistband and graded the trousers from 14 waist to 10 hips 
Material: 3m of 1000 Cranes Indigo from Ray Stitch, 5m of piping cord, 5m of pink satin ribbon and 2m of wide pink satin ribbon, 1m of elastic.

I really liked this pattern though I did manage to get a bit confused with the grading as it was the first
time I'd done that. It all worked out ok though and the length of the pyjamas is just fine. I wasn't sure I wanted piping on the trousers but then my lovely husband convinced me that those were what made these pyjamas and of course he was right, as usual.

I had never made piping myself and was fairly sure you were supposed to use bias tape or something, not satin ribbon for it. Ah well.. It actually worked really well so I will be doing that again as ribbon comes in some amazing colours.

I also added some pockets to them following Suzy Bee's brilliant tutorial- I always need my phone!

All the seams are of the french variety as I am currently absolutely obsessed with that seam finish- it looks and feels great and also stands up to wear- what more could you want. The ladies at the craft club at Fabrications on Thursday were subjected to my squeals of joy as I worked out how to french seams with piping.
The waistband REALLY messed with my head. So much so I just ripped it out after trying to make it work. For some reason the buttonholes on my machine just refused to cooperate. You can see the mess here:

Worked well the second time around though. I was very impressed with the results of the waistband finishing- Karen's stitch in the ditch instructions were absolutely spot on.

I also made a top to match from some amazing bamboo stretch knit I found in Ray Stitch- it really is the most amazing material and I've already made a t-shirt out of it. No pattern for the top- I sim[lpy traced one of my existing ones and used some of the material for the trousers to make bias binding for the neck and arm holes and the little pocket.

I am very pleased with how these turned out- will definitely be making more of them. i've already spotted some really lovely organic flannel that would make a wonderful pair for the colder months. 

So there you have it. My amazing new pyjamas. That I may never take off because they are just TOO comfy.

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